Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A huge sigh of relief

It's all good now. Thank whatever f*cking God there may be.

I found a tape not too long ago that was of a play I was in in the 4th grade. We didn't have a vcr in the house, or so I thought, until Hallee said she wanted to watch Disney movies, which we only have on vhs. So I went downstairs like the good boyfriend I am and turned the place upside down in hopes of location a video cassette recorder. Turns out my intuition and sweaty anger-throws aided my discovery of an ancient vcr.

Due to this, I had to watch my video. Because of this video I will be writing a very long poem about growing up sometime in the coming days.

Slainte, Chris.


Elise said...

Aww how cute! I love finding stuff that I did when I was really young. I found a dry pasta picture a few years ago. I'd signed it at the bottom with messy writing. I can just about remember making it.

Ahhh memeories....


T Rose said...

I like your blog. It's very open and honest.

Anyways, there's nothing better than finding things from your childhood. How were the 4th grade acting skills? :)

Michelle Hix said...

I think you should post the video!

jeff said...

yeah, for real what michelle said.