Monday, February 25, 2008

Are all of you sexist?

To paraphrase I can't f*cking believe she said that the only reason males talk to females is because they want sex. You can tell this isn't going to be a cheery post already. And if you can't, do us all a favor and euthanize yourself.

It started out a regular good conversation. Then got into the thing about her not liking me talking to other girls out of jealousy; that part is fine. Then I talk about my friends who are girls. Then she says something that is, for now and I think will remain, unforgivable.

Hallee: The only reason guys talk to girls is for sex.
Me: So it's impossible for men to actually want to talk to women because they might actually find them interesting and want to hang out with them?
Hallee: Yeah.
Me: So why do I have friends that are girls?
Hallee: I don't know... So that if a relationship doesn't work out you could go try to have sex with one of them?
Me: ....... *deep breath so I don't tell her how bad I want to kick a hole in the wall* So the only reason I'm with you or have female friends or EVER talk to any woman is because I want to stick my c*ck in her?
Hallee: Well, I mean you act like a good guy and everything but... Yeah.

Any comments or insight? Agree or disagree? Or will the faith that I've let begin to fall lead to disaster and faithlessness in women?


Elise said...

You know I had the same conversation with Solicitor a few months ago. He thinks that guys think about having sex with all girlfriends at least once.

I can't make a comment... If you guys are so bloody sex minded then what can I say! xx

Michelle Hix said...

Thinking about it and wanting to do it are waaaaayyyy different. We are all curious. So yes, thoughts can enter the mind. That is part of being human. Acting on those thoughts or not determines whether or not we are worthy of our partner. If she doesn't wake up every day knowing that you CHOSE her over other girls then something is not right with her. If she locks all the other women in your life in a tower then you are only with her because she's the only one left! Oh careful...this girl sounds like the type that could get you into some trouble and we all want to see you finish school before you have to be a daddy!

Anonymous said...

nice pic dork

jeff said...

im a guy and i dont think about fucking the girl im talking to. sure, if the girl is attractive then i might think about sex but doesnt mean i'll do it. i have friends that are girls that i have no urge what so ever to fuck.

Michelle Hix said...

You crack me up.