Monday, March 10, 2008

I think I'm done with this.

Not my relationship which has gotten better than it was prior to all the other bullsh*t that occurred, but my blog. I've lost readers and I've found that I feel anxious if I don't have responses. So I'm thinking I'm just going to stop posting. I'll probably check back in a few days or a week or so to see if anyone has any objections.



heatherrreloise said...

i was in florida so that's why
i haven't been up with the reading
but i don't want you to stop posting

jeff said...

Whatever you want. I mean you could just post whatever you want without needing it to be read. Just write for the hell of it, man. You don't have to worry about getting comments or readers.

DragonRaid said...

don't stop writing. just write for the sake of writing. i'd say more but i got to get back to work.

Poetikat said...

Keep writing, but do it for yourself above all. It's easy to fall into that trap and waiting for comments (I'm pretty bad for that myself), but when it comes down to it, it should be about the creative impulse, not what others think.
Don't abandon your blog.

Poetikat said...

P.S. Stick to the poetry, rather than the personal diary. Just my opinion.

Michelle Hix said...

Chris! No! Keep it up man. Blogging has it's ups and downs. Stay with it.

noelia ~ said...

i know what you mean. not getting comments sort of unmotivates.

rOhit said...

You write well, and you should continue doing so.

Write coz YOU_WANT to, and NOT for others to read!

Frederick said...

Your blog should be for you and not your readers.