Thursday, March 6, 2008

All's well on the girlfront but school still sucks.

So all's well with Hallee now. I've dealt with it harshly and swiftly.

One of Pandora's Boxes

Little boxes that look like presents,
At least in the way they're presented.
Pain and suffering are said to be their allure,
Is it -all- humanity in which is allured?
Lust or love, which is the one we crave?
Why is it we catch ourselves in the middle of craving?
Is the meaning of life to win?
Why do we all feel like losing?


Frederick said...


DragonRaid said...

"Why do we all feel like losing?"

trying to figure that out myself. good poem.

jeff said...

I don't feel like losing. I don't know what I crave though, maybe both just at different times.

Michelle Hix said...

Do you feel like you've opened a pandora's box with the "questions" game?

Echo said...

Wow did YOU write that poem. You must been really emotive when you did that. I think its awesome though that you have the ability to express how you feel. That is a challenge that us aspiring writers face everyday. I especially thought the last line in the poem is so sad yet true. We all want to lose ourselves into someone else and have them care for us. Life creates the illusion that the strong people are people who do not lose anything which include their hearts. After all if you don't lose your heart how can it break? Right? But I don't know. I guess I must be completely weak according to that because I felt that I always wanted to lose my heart but it just keeps coming back to me. Into its little cage where I feel that it is kept prisoner. I have an actual Pandora's box in real life where I keep cutouts from magazines of photos and poems and quotes. I also keep my journal in the box where I write down stuff i want to include in my novel. Also I keep meaningless stuff people give me. Like one time I had a terrible day and I decided to attend an art museum but I was lacking a quarter for something. This lez girl from my dorm saw my frustration and she willingly offered it to me. I had not been really nice to her in the past so I was shocked. Well the quarter was disposable so it came back out after I used the thingamabober. I keep that in my box. It's just a thing that I do and I feel that it is a part of me. I guess it has something to do with me wanting to lose myself yet preserve myself at the same time by keeping these things in my Pandora's Box.